Typing or Handwriting?

Jan 19, 2018 by

Typing or Handwriting
When it comes to memory retention, the two most common ways are either typing or handwriting. Learning requires practice but when you need to create a base to practice off of, setting up the base correctly is important.


A large proportion of people, especially students, prefer typing because they can type faster than they can write. Some also argue that typing keeps their notes legible so it makes a clean base to study off of. However, as discussed in the video, typing can lead to people copying notes down verbatim, which may lead to poor conceptual thinking.


Handwriting is still a better way of taking notes as some studies show. The two main reasons are due to the encoding hypothesis and the external storage hypothesis.


Less commonly used ways for memory retention may include voice recordings, but playback means you would have to listen to it for the same amount of time the speaker is speaking.


Learn more about this in the video below!

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